Here I was today, minding my own business working on the kitchen floor and listening to Pandora radio. Now, my tastes in music are, well, a bit eclectic. I like everything across the spectrum except country (blech) and gangsta rap (double blech). My music choice for today was the fascinating instrumentalist Buckethead. His control of the electric guitar is phenomenal. If you ever wondered just how many different sounds one of those things can make, he’s your answer. Everything from the soulful tunes of Whitewash, to the shredding guitar madness of Jordan. He makes it talk.

Anyways, here I was, just doing my thing, and the next song comes up on the computer. It’s the freakin’ Beatles. I forgot to add them to the list of Things I Do Not Like. Now, just how in the world did Pandora make the connection between Buckethead and the Beatles? One can play like a madman, the others cannot sing. No relation, none, zip, zilch. Needless to say, that one got dumped in a hurry. Now I have what I want playing again, but I have to wonder what will pop up next. I just hope it’s not the Beatles again. That’s enough to make you want to turn the radio off completely.

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