Oh boy

You know the old saying about opening a can of worms? Well, I have discovered that this particular can most certainly should not have been opened, and it would appear that I have lost the lid to said can of worms.

Sheesh, you try to fix one little thing (like a loose tile on the kitchen counter), and wind up with a whole different problem (like, say, a BUNCH of loose tiles on the kitchen counter). It would appear that this can has an endless supply of worms, none of which seem the least bit inclined to get back in the can.

Looks like I will be re-tiling the kitchen counter today. So much for outside chores.

It never ends. Sigh.

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2 Responses to Oh boy

  1. I absolutely HATE tiled kitchen counters and I have one. I'm thinking about removing all the tiles and replacing them with granite. Of course, there is also the old standby – laminate! Good luck with your tiles.

  2. I actually really like tile countertops, at least when they are properly installed. Since I am doing it, I know it will be done right this time. Granite is nice too, but my very old house was not built to support that kind of weight, and I am not about to rebuild the cabinets to spec.

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