You know what?

I have come to the conclusion that PayPal is a giant annoyance. It’s gotten worse since they have decided they run the whole world on fleaBay.

Between them and Ebay’s inability to leave shit alone, it’s no wonder to me that Ebay is in the toilet, and just keeps flushing. I remember Ebay in its’ infancy. A fantastic place to find almost anything you wanted, at a reasonable price, with several ways to pay for your purchase. Now? Now it’s infested with commercial sellers, the search engines are absolutely hosed, and it’s just not worth the hassle anymore. Ebay motors is a joke, trying to find replacement parts for anything I own is downright hair pulling, you have to wade through eleventy-billion ads for crap that has nothing to do with what you want. And if you do find something, then you have the long drawn out wait for PayPal to decide if it’s going to launch, and if it does, will it recognize you? I give up. It’s easier to drive somewhere and get what I need.

Most of the good sellers have left fleaBay, and a lot of the buyers followed them. Guess I will be one more in the herd.

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