Bo and updated puppy pool

It’s the 25th, just over a week to go. She has started bagging up already, which I am glad to see since sometimes with first time bitches you don’t see any milk until they are done whelping. Nice sticky colostrum, YAY! She has started with the whole belly-butt wash routine, every day, all day long. She has had her haircut, a warm bath, and has comfortably settled into her whelping box.

Here’s the pool so far:

ST Feb. 2nd, 11pm, 9 pups, 5 m, 4 f

Sue McG 1/31, 10:37PM, 7 boys

CJ 2/3 5am, 6m 2f

Karla Feb 4, 8pm. 5m, 3f

Misty Feb 1, 10pm 7m, 2f

Tom & KC Feb 1 – 3am – 5 boys 3 girls

I think we might all be wrong, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to see her go early by a couple of days.

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  1. Feb 1 – 3am – 5 boys 3 girls

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