The end of an era

At least for me. Construction has been my chosen trade for many years, but no longer. The downturn in the economy has finally pushed things to the breaking point for me. The work is no longer profitable. People who are struggling to hold on to what they have simply do not have the extra money to do upgrades on their homes, many don’t have the cash to take care of the necessary repairs. No one wants to pay for professional repairs when they can have the laid off worker up the street fix something and pay them under the table. Only problem is that most of the time, the fix doesn’t stay fixed, the person who did it is gone, and they really can’t afford to have it fixed now, because the problem is even bigger.

My heart is heavy with this decision, but within the next few months, MasterCraft General Contractors will cease to exist. I held on as long as I could, but I have finally had to admit defeat, I am shutting down. It will take me a little while to wind down the last few jobs I have on the calendar, then all that’s left is the final paperwork. It’s small consolation that there are many more out there just like me, those who have made their living with their hands. They too are leaving the trades for other jobs. Everywhere I look I see service body trucks with for sale signs on them. I guess mine will be there soon too.

While one door is closing, another is opening. I do have another venture in the works, one that will not take such a physical toll on me. I intend to make a go of it, just like I did with my construction company. And I am confident that it will be ok. It’s just going to take some time.

But I will always miss working with my hands. That being said, I won’t go back. It will take years before the industry can rebound from the financial mess this country is in. I can’t wait that long.

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3 Responses to The end of an era

  1. I'm sad to hear this Sherita. You were a great resource for me when I got started in construction, for the brief time I worked in the industry. How do you feel about renewable energy ??? I'm having a ball learning about it and working in the industry, and your construction background would be really helpful (my small amount has been, especially in the permitting end of things and knowing how to deal with "municipalites"Sue

  2. I am certain that whatever you do you will do it well. Best of luck to you my friend. Gee no more midnight calls to climb into someone elses sewer.

  3. I hate to hear it but I certainly understand, I have enjoyed your posts-we had a lot in common. I had a career path change when I took a nose dive after 9-11. It is scary times and the future is uncertain at best. Hope your new venture is something that keeps you going-in many ways.

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