We don’t like this

The pups are moving into the next phase of development, discovering that their Mother will no longer allow them to nurse whenever they wish. She has decided that sleeping with them is OVER, and they are on her schedule now. Of course, you would think they are dying with the way they act. Amazingly enough, once reality sinks in, they attack the food bowl with vigor. She is still nursing them several times a day, but is letting them know that biting will get your butt in trouble very quickly. Their education in how to be dogs has now begun. They are learning manners, whether they want to or not.

What amuses me is that for all their protests that they will simply wither and vanish if not allowed to nurse……….each and every last one is a fat, healthy pup that is gaining weight. They just ain’t too happy with these new developments.

They are paper training themselves at one end of the box, and before they (or I) know it, they will be weaned and ready to start out on the next big adventure. From the way their dam acts, I don’t think it will come soon enough for her, she’s quite tired of the teeth and rough behavior. They did get the point when she started schooling them, so that’s one point in their favor with her.

This age is always difficult for puppies. They are learning all the time, and discovering that their wants don’t always coincide with what Mom (or the world) thinks. Bo is doing a wonderful job, keeping them clean and well cared for, and making sure they learn what they need to know.

Most of my girls are quite sensible in the raising of their pups, neither weaning too early, nor going overboard and thinking they need to nurse until they are half grown. They are also very good at teaching the pups manners and proper pack behavior, and that teeth are NOT appreciated. Soon she will be teaching them the joy of a good roll in the dirt, the fun of chasing leaves and stuffed animals, and how to dig holes to the ends of the earth.

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  1. very discriptive – thanks

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