Another thing we don’t like

The pups got their first taste of outside today. I put them out in the giant xpen while I cleaned their totally destroyed box. At first they tried having a big ‘ol fit. Once they realized that didn’t work, they set about pulling up the grass and chasing leaves. For a while.

Then they decided they didn’t like it anymore, and yet another fit was thrown. They were pretty disgusted to find out that I was not impressed. Time to get over it.

Their mother is about over it too. She’s nursing twice a day, and not for very long. They are being quite rough, and from the looks of it, she is sick of dealing with the biting creatures. No worries, they are eating like horses and are in no danger of wasting away. Of course, that’s not what they think. If you pay attention, you would believe they are going to just die. Funny, every other dog in this world endured weaning, and were none the worse for wear.

Someone made a comment once about how sad it was that puppies were being weaned. How goofy. Weaning is the next step towards being a dog. Once away from their dam, life is one big adventure. I don’t see anything sad about that. Of course, I am not much on anthropomorphizing either.

New pictures coming later tonite.

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