This could get interesting…….

It seems I am being uncooperative. The problem lies in the fact that I don’t believe in giving out what I view as private information just because the gubment says I should. A few weeks ago I got my 2010 census form. I answered exactly two questions, how many people live here (1) and their age (42). It would appear that my answers were not appreciated by the snoops, err, I mean government. So, today a census worker showed up to demand that I answer. By the time he left, it was determined that I:

will not give them my phone number (sorry, that’s private)
will not give them my date of birth (they already have my age, that’s all they need)
will not tell them my full name including middle initial (they are to count people, they don’t need my name to do that)

And several more questions along with those listed above. What he left with was, amazingly enough, how many people live here (1) and how old they are (42). Of course, he left with threats of jail and fines……..bring it. They better build a bunch more jails, because most folks around here are not about to answer their intrusive questions. They DO NOT need my phone number (so we can call you if we have any questions). They can look it up in the phone book. Only problem there is that I have no phone on that line, it’s only for my computer. Too bad. They don’t need my date of birth, they have my age, and they DAMN sure don’t need my full name. Identity theft anyone?

Oh, but the information is private and not shared. Oh, really? Tell that to the Japanese-Americans who were rounded up and put into internment camps. This was done using information from the CENSUS. The IRS attempted in the early 80’s to use census information to round up tax offenders. Private? Yeah, right.

The gubment is far too intrusive now, and I am in no way stupid enough to believe that the census information wouldn’t be handed over if some branch of government demanded it. They have already done it. One only needs to look at what has happened in the past to see what will happen in the future.

Oh, one more thing. Mr. census worker informed me that his stupidvisor will be in touch with me about my non-compliance. They can’t very well call me, and if they come here they are tresspassing on private property.

I guess it’s a damn good thing I didn’t get one of those 29 page ACS forms. We really would have a fight then. Of course, I just might have a fight going on now. Balls in their court. I ain’t answering.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Im with you Sherita!!/ Julie

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