Things, they are changing

The pups are growing by leaps and bounds. I cannot believe they will be six weeks old this Saturday. Their little world is growing, and they are learning new things. Some of these things, they did not want to learn. Things like……

Dog food also comes in crunchy form.
Mom said NO MORE nursing.
Their papers turned into shavings.
And OUTSIDE is something they don’t like.

My answer to these problems is pretty easy. Eat your food, nursing is over, shavings are easier to clean, and outside is where you will soon be moving, so get used to it.

They are also finding their place within their tiny little pack of tiny little dogs. Much ferocious growling has ensued, but rest assured that no blood has been shed. And there is always the screeching that accompanies being chewed on. Most common thing heard here right now? “Well, bite him back then”.

Bo has decided they are way more fun to look at from this side of the expen. I am sure once she has taught them that no means NO, she will be much happier to be around them. Right now, she just doesn’t want to deal with constantly telling them off. By the time they move outside, she will be ready to teach them the ways of the dog.

Oh, one more thing. Mir just adores them. He’s always making goo-goo eyes at them and wagging his tail in a play bow. He has always loved puppies.

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