Thanks, but no thanks

It appears that the powers that be have yet again assumed they know what is best for the rest of us. So they pass this mess they call the healthcare overhaul. No thank you. I really doubt that the folks who passed this thing actually read it, because if they did. there is no way in hell they would have committed political suicide. Yes, healthcare needs to be dealt with. But this isn’t going to cut it. Let’s see……….they are going to take the medical expenses I have now (negligible) and make me get insurance to save me money? How does that work, exactly? From what I have seen so far, those who have insurance can look for a pretty good increase in your premiums, cuts to Medicare are going to increase the cost burden to the elderly (boy, that will help, I am sure), and those who are veterans can look forward to bearing more of the cost of your medical treatment as well. And those who have always freeloaded? Well, they will continue to do so. It won’t cost them one damn dime. And, as always, non-resident aliens will continue to get free medical care, that much is written out in the bill. Guess we can see whose ass is getting kissed now. Of course, the census gave that game away a few weeks ago.

I am very thankful that the politicians in my state have chosen to listen to their people. If our Governor does what he says, states rights will be invoked here, an the people of Texas will do what we see fit with our medical dollars. I can only hope we still have enough independent souls here to stick it out. There is a fight brewing, I know which side I am on. Come November, I hope to see a whole bunch of politicians in the unemployment line.

This grandiose plan starts after idiot is out of office, but the taxes start now. I gave this clown a chance, just to see if he would do what he said he would. I can see where that change is he promised, it’s all that will be left of my check after the government gets done with it. Hopefully the 37 states that are filing suit to stop this crap can keep it tied up long enough for the next president to be elected, and hopefully THAT president will have enough smarts to listen to the people, and READ what he is signing.

I have always preached for less government interference in private lives, I will continue to do so. The gooberment is way too big, the country is BROKE, yet they just keep borrowing more and more money to carry on like a teenager with a credit card. I have often wondered if this country still has the backbone to stand up to an out of control government. This may very well be the catalyst that tells the tale.

Passing a bill that the majority of Americans did not want was the easy part. Forcing it down our throats might prove to be just a wee bit more difficult.

Oh, and Dan? I may be an asshat, but at least I am an INFORMED asshat.

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2 Responses to Thanks, but no thanks

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  2. Believe me Sherita – you are not alone with this view of things – just wish more folks would have listened before last election day

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