I always said….

That the worst injuries my dogs ever sustained happened right here in my yard. And, it’s happened again. Dammit. Fanci, who is 9 weeks old today, wound up with a midshaft tibial fracture on her right rear while playing with her siblings and dam this morning. Thankfully, the break is nowhere near the growth plates, and Mark (my vet) says that looking at the xrays, it may not even be a complete break. Fanci is resting comfortably at the vet clinic over the weekend, and is scheduled for fixator surgery on Monday. Mark and his group of very good vets feel that a complete recovery can be expected, with no lasting effects after she has healed.

I run all over New Mexico, in all kinds of terrain. I hunt coyotes in the Texas panhandle, and my dogs rarely get hurt. But, right here in my own damn yard, I have had the worst luck.

I feel sorry for Fanci, but this could have been much, much worse. Since she is a baby, she will heal quickly, and I am sure this will soon be forgotten. The fixator is the best option, according to Mark. Very little muscle atrophy, she will be weight bearing shortly after the surgery, and can remain up and active, instead of crated during this most important time.

I will post an update after I get her home on Monday. If you are so inclined, how about sending some healing thoughts to baby girl, she needs them. And I think I need valium, my nerves are SHOT.

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2 Responses to I always said….

  1. We are so glad that the outcome looks positive

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yahooo little Fanci-girl. So glad you managed to avoid getting a worse break and am counting on you to heal quickly. Want you to get back to doing what puppies do: eating, sleeping, and playing. Aunt Tornado and Uncle Nitro send their best as do all your cousins here at the Zoiboyz. KC

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