She’s HOME!

Fanci came home from the vets this morning. She looks remarkably good considering what she has been through. Mark (my vet) said that this is an optimal case, with an excellent prognosis and expects that this will just be a distant bad memory at some time in the future. The break was non-displaced, so they were able to do a closed reduction and didn’t have to open the leg up to repair it. She has four pins that go completely through the bone, with external fixators on both sides of her leg. We have to keep it wrapped to keep germs out, and to keep her tiny little teeth off the hardware.

She’s already walking on the leg, and I am really going to have to watch her activity levels, since as far as she is concerned there is nothing wrong with her (except for the purple and green things on her leg that she would like to remove). I was sent home with very good pain meds for her in case they are needed, but right now she is doing well on the milder pain relief meds. My vet is a big believer in pain relief, there’s no need for her to hurt.

We could have splinted and crated her for eight weeks, but that would have produced a poor outcome for a dog as active as a Borzoi puppy. The fixators and pins offer her the greatest hope of a full and complete return to function. The break is almost invisible on the post operative xrays, and it’s not anywhere near anything that could affect her growth pattern. The repair looks wonderful.

She’s eating like a horse, and already tearing shit up. Just like a 9 week old puppy should be. I am sure glad to have her home. She will spend her convalescence in my bedroom, with short trips outside for exercise and potty time.

The purple and teal vetwrap are covering her external hardware. This helps keep it clean, and keeps her mouth off of it. She couldn’t damage the hardware, but she could sure damage her teeth. I have some pretty strong anti-chewing paste that we are using. Even with that, it will be an eight week battle to get her to leave it alone.

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