Convalescent Care Center

At least that’s what it feels like around here. I now have THREE dogs that are recovering from various troubles. First, there’s Fanci with her broken leg, external fixators, and REFUSAL to pee outside. Next there’s Selene, who is on crate rest after having a huge laceration sewn up on Monday. No, I have NOT figured out how she did it. And now there’s Sara, who went in this morning for a routine spay that turned out to be anything but. She had adhesions, and parts that were not supposed to be attached were, to her right kidney. During resection, an artery was ruptured and she lost a good bit of blood. Her incision is HUGE, since they basically “unzipped” her to get to the bleeding. She’s mad at me, she’s hurting, and she’s still a bit wonky. Her belly looks awful, all bruised and stitched. And she’s not supposed to go up or down stairs, or jump. Well, guess what I have on my back deck……stairs. So, I have to carry her down the stairs, put her down to do her business, then carry her back up the stairs. Have I mentioned that she does not like to be picked up?

Sara will be fine, it’s just going to take a little time.

Selene will get her stitches out next week.

And Fanci should get her hardware off the last week in May.

And if I don’t see my vet for a while, that will suit me fine.

Except that I have five to go in next week for rabies shots……assuming I am not there before then for something else.

This is just getting silly.

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