Russians-1, Pirates-0


That bunch must be kinda stupid. They tried with an American ship, and found out that our boys can shoot. This time they grabbed a Russian ship, and then threatened harm to the crew if anyone attempted rescue. The crew was locked in a safe room, so they were in no danger at all. At least the Russians did what needed to be done, instead of candy-assing around and paying a ransom that would just endanger other Russian ships. The Russian crew had disabled the ship, so the pieces of trash that thought they were going to take it turned into sitting ducks for the special forces. Wanna bet that a few britches needed changing when they figured out what kind of shit they were in?

The Russians only made one mistake that I can see. I would have found out if Somali pirates could swim home. I do not feel the least bit sorry for the pirates. They are not “seeking a better way of life”. They know that with great risks sometimes come great rewards. They should be shot on sight.

Turn a bunch of them into shark food and I am willing to be this kinda shit will stop.

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