The pups are growing like weeds. I am absolutely thrilled with the quality that came from this complete outcross breeding. A look below will show you why.

“Boomer” Rose Hill The Black Pearl
This was the girl I was not going to keep. I am oh so glad that she is here. A carbon copy of her mother, I expect she will be just as fast and agile. And talk about legs, man, they go from there to here. The one thing I had hoped to correct with this litter was to bring them up on leg. Bo is a little on the short-legged side. I got what I wanted 🙂

“Destiny” Rose Hill HMS Dauntless

She was chosen at birth, a heart stealer. Balanced and correct, she’s a pushy little beastie. She loves everyone, and chases everything. I would have taken a photo of her show side, but it was plastered in mud. It always amazes me how one side can be filthy, the other side not. She also has the leg I wanted in this litter, and like her sister, also has the correct structure and balance that I look for. She’s going to be a real looker.

And here is “she of the broken leg”. Since her hardware came off two weeks ago, her improvement has been simply unbelievable. She has gone from NO angles in the leg, and hyperextending the hock when walking, to no hyperextension and the angles are coming back now that the contracted muscles are getting a workout. She has a lot of ground to make up, but I suspect that in six months, there will be no evidence left of her injury. Which is exactly why I chose to pin her rather than cast her. She has a much better chance of full recovery with no loss., Here’s her “unbroken” side.

And here is her “broken” side. The fracture was a clean mid-shaft tibial. The improvement shown in this photo is hard for me to believe. She’s already gaining muscle mass, and that leg is getting better every day. The picture could be better, but she was being a turkey about standing still. What you can’t see is that her sister, Boomer, is taunting her just off camera.

And here’s Mir, my resident “old fart”. I sheared him for the summer, since he was covering my entire house in a thick layer of white hair. He has aged very well, and still has the body of a younger dog. Of course, he naps more, but outside cats best beware, he is still quite capable of explosive acceleration, and his prey drive is very much intact.

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5 Responses to Pupdate

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow, now I even more want to drive to CO and steal Jack out of Tom's yard!!Karla

  2. Well now Karla, you know that the boy IS available. He's even more handsome in the flesh. I would keep him in a heartbeat, but I simply do NOT need any more t*sticles around here.

  3. Anonymous says:

    GREAT to see a pictue of Mir!!!CT

  4. Anonymous says:

    Boomer is lovely, she was my pick of that litter and by the looks of her in the photo, I'm sure you won't be dissapointed! It will be fun to follow her adventures!CT

  5. Renee says:

    Puppies r gorgeous. Aunt tip picked up 2 grc points this weekend. Mir is looking good. Can't believe they'll be 10 in a few months. His daughter by flyte got her grc this weekend. Knew his son amras on site at the nationals

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