I always believed that our great nation was populated by folks of at least average intelligence. No more. The BP spill has apparently brought the ignorant out in droves. Every last one lacks knowledge and reading comprehension. The whole lot screams and moans about what should be done, yet not one understands the gravity of the situation, nor the mechanics of it. The suggestions put forth make it very clear that none have read even the basic news articles about this horrific spill. Examples:

“Use a nuclear bomb to seal it”. The one offering this suggestion must have missed the minor detail about the composition of this spill…40% methane. Use a nuclear device, and you will have one really big bang.

“Weld it shut”. Hello? Methane. *BOOM*

“Drop sandbags on it” Sure. Just how big do you think they need to be in order to contain the massive pressure that is forcing oil out?

“Bolt a pipe to it with a shutoff valve on it” Whoops, you missed the part about the blow out preventer being damaged. Try that trick and the whole thing will blow out, resulting in unchecked flow.

“Let the military take over”. Uh-huh. And just how much experience does the military have in containing blown out wells over a mile deep? None.

“Drill a well to relieve the pressure” Reading comprehension FAIL. Already being done, x 2.

“Stick a pipe inside the casing and suck the oil out”. Ok, first of all, no siphon is needed, this sucker is blowing oil out at an unbelievable rate. As for the insertion of a pipe inside the leaking casing…try again. You also missed the part about the damaged BOP.

It seems that a large number of armchair idiots believe that it’s possible to just *turn it off*. Even under the best of scenarios, shutting down a well takes more than the flip of a switch. And this is not the best of scenarios. The casing is damaged, the BOP is damaged, and no one knows how bad, or deep below the seabed that the damage is. Anything that puts too much pressure on that casing is going to result in an even bigger disaster. Right now it seems that the best (and only) hope is for the completion of the relief wells, still at least six weeks away. And that’s assuming that they intersect the damaged well on the first try. It’s like finding a needle in a haystack, in the dark, over a mile and a half away.

The cold hard facts are a bit different than the arm chair quarterbacks would like to believe. BP is attempting to deal with a massive blowout, over a mile deep below the surface of the ocean. Nothing like this has ever been dealt with before, it’s all trial and error. One can plan, one can theorize, but until something like this disaster has actually occured and then contained, it’s all conjecture. I doubt very seriously that BP ever believed for even one moment that something like this could happen.

And for those who are screaming to shut all drilling down, you better sit down and hold on for the ride. Electric vehicles are still nowhere ready to take over the job of internal combustion engines. The infrastructure for alternative energy vehicles is still tens of years away. And petroleum products play a much larger part of your everyday life than you know. It’s much more than just the gas you put in your car. Instead of spouting off at the mouth and insisting on scenarios that are not going to happen, why not try doing a little research into just how your life would be effected if oil went away tomorrow.

As far as how the government is handling things, well they aren’t handling things at all. For all the pomp and presence, in all honesty there is nothing the government can do about the blowout. What they can do is shut the hell up, accept any and all offers for skimming assistance from any nation that wishes to help, and quit with the “we got this” attitude. And stop with the staged photo ops, they are only fooling themselves.

I just hope that one of those two relief wells gets lucky. Of course, if they do intersect, there is no guarantee that they can shut the flow down, but it’s the best hope at the moment. This thing may be too large to contain. I hope not.

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