Oh hell

Some days it just does not pay to chew through the straps. Today was one of those days. It started out normal enough….digging 65 feet of trench by hand for a new water line. In dirt that had the same consistency as concrete. In the sun. THAT was the good part of the day.

The rest of the day should have been fairly normal too, at least it would have been, except. I had to run a new service line for a water heater, and it had to go in the attic, out through the eave, and then down through conduit to the service panel on the outside of the house. Sounds easy enough. And, it would have been. Please note the “would”. I had no trouble with the pull into the attic from the water heater location, I had no trouble with the pull across the attic to the eave access. That’s where the trouble started. I had to get waaayyyy down into the eave, belly crawling to get close enough to see the access hole that led to the outside world. Bear in mind, the only light I have is the one on my head, so all I can see is what is directly in front of me. As I scootch forward and start trying to tail my wire out through the hole, I was attacked from above. And not by any of the normal suspects such as wasps, spiders or bug. Oh hell no. There I was, just going about my job, when I suddenly had something cold and scaly draped across my throat and face. I damn near killed myself lunging backwards, only to encounter the eave that was behind me. It did NOT move, despite the fact that I hit it hard enough to leave hair and blood on the framing. The snake went one way, I reversed at high speed back to where I at least had enough room to kneel and see what in the hell had just landed on me, and to determine if I needed a trip to the hospital. The scaly perp was a 6+ foot rat snake. He must have been in the deadwood above me. Since I didn’t look up, I had no idea he was there. Until he landed on me. Rat snakes do not jump, so the only think I can figure is that I startled him (*I* startled HIM????), and he fell.

On me.

At least he isn’t venomous. Could you just see that explanation at the hospital? Um, yeah, I got snakebit in an attic, it jumped on me.

You just KNOW there would be a screen involved, one that checks for recreational drugs.

The head is sore, but the laceration isn’t bad enough to require stitches. What really sucks? I have to go back up there tomorrow to pull the new line for the stove. You can bet your ass that I WILL be looking up.

Damn snakes.

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2 Responses to Oh hell

  1. Anonymous says:

    OMG, I would have freakin died!!! I am not a fan of snakes, no kind…/julie

  2. Oh dear–that is almost as horrific as the vicious tomcat story. Thank God it was a rat snake–I'm thinking there were some rat doots up in that attic, no? We found either a black rat snake or a black racer with his head jammed in a Tin Cat that had 2 young mice in it. Lovely. All three were transported OUTSTDE to let nature take it's course.

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