Say Again?

Today on Yahoo (you know, that bastion of newsworthiness, NOT) yet again someone is whining about the heat. Globull warming and all that shit. And, of course, anyone not used to the heat is crying about it. Fine, whatever. It IS August, it’s gonna be hot, deal with it. Then Yahoo dropped this little bomb “even healthy people cannot work in temperatures over 100 degrees without stopping to rest every few minutes in the shade”. I call bullshit, lots of it. There are plenty of us who work in the heat, all day long, every day. And we do NOT stop every few minutes to “rest in the shade”. Nothing would get done, no job would ever get finished. There are plenty of framing crews, roofing crews, and concrete crews that work through the heat every day. I am thinking that this highly intelligent (ahem) reporter, who is sitting on his butt in the air conditioning, simply cannot comprehend that someone, somewhere, is actually working out in the heat. Just not possible.

So, if healthy people can’t work out in the heat, then I guess I must be unhealthy. Along with thousands of other “unhealthy” construction workers. Please, fool, you have no idea what you are talking about, so how about just shutting the hell up?

And for those who are whining and crying about the heat, please take a close look at your calendars. You will see it’s this month called “August”. Traditionally one of the worst for heat, particularly in our part of the world. Nothing new, Algore didn’t discover it, carbon credits won’t fix it. It’s, just, summer. Summer is hot, some parts are hotter than others.

Example: today I was up on a roof, doing a repair. Local bank thermometer said 104 with a heat index of 113. Thermometer I took up on the roof during the worst of the day said 134. And this afternoon I had to pull an electrical run in an attic. Same thermometer said “HI”. I don’t think it was greeting me. This particular thermometer quits reading at 195. So, HI meant somewhere above that. I was up there for about 15 minutes, but instantly drenched in sweat, and panting like a dog when I came down. Strangely, tho, I did not die from it, I just hosed off and went on with my day. People can, and do, work in the heat all day long. And Yahoo has absolutely no credibility. And a serious lack of research. Maybe they don’t have construction crews where that reporter is from? I kinda doubt it, but it makes for a better story if you embellish a bit.

And while we are on the subject of heat. Why do I keep hearing about folks dying from it up in the northern lands of our country? This happens every damn year. And every year, they die. You know, I would call that a clue. Get a couple of fans, maybe even a small air conditioner, if you can afford it. It gets hot every year, every year we hear about New Yawkers falling out from it. And some folks never learn a damned thing. And every year, they act surprised. Why?

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