Meep Meep

I am battling with AT&T yet again over my (lack of) service. Missed calls, dropped calls, no service, some service, disappearing service. I filed yet another trouble ticket two days ago. Their tech service was supposed to call me. Now, please understand, the phone that is causing me the most trouble is my damnable iPhone. I have fought with this thing since day one. The warranty is a joke. There is NO WAY IN HELL I am going to give Apple my cc number so they can charge me for another expensive paperweight while they look at the paperweight that I already own. Not going to happen.

Anyway, yet again, the iPhone was freaking out and not working, so tech support was supposed to call me. Now, bear in mind, I have two cell phone numbers…….one that is working (Blackberry), one that is not (useless iPhone). Which number do you suppose tech support tried to call me on? If you guess the line that isn’t working, you would be correct. I then get a text telling me they have closed my case because they can’t reach me.

I shit you not, they tried to call on the bad number, then closed the ticket because they COULD NOT REACH ME ON THE PHONE. The phone that isn’t working. I just sat and laughed when I realized what had happened. I realize it’s not nice to laugh at idiots, but sometimes they just deserve it.

I just wonder, did they even READ the trouble ticket? If they did, they would know that one of my numbers isn’t working. You would think a person of average intelligence would know to call the other number. So, I can only assume I am dealing with an entity of less than average intelligence.

The game of cat and mouse with AT&T has reached Roadrunner-esk proportions.

I just keep waiting for the anvil to fall on my head.

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