Stupid should hurt

This time, it did more than hurt. We have had a metric ass ton of rain in the last 24 hours thanks to TS Hermine. South of me got even more of the wet stuff. Austin is flooded, so is San Antonio.

So, what’s stupid, you may ask? It seems that some self entitled female idiot in a Lexus pretend suv drove around the barricades at the Bull Creek crossing near Austin. And washed away. Surprise, not. This particular crossing is only perhaps 200 yards from Lake Austin. When they find her, that’s where it will be. Darwin award time.

Just how damn self centered (or flat ass stupid) do you have to be to drive around the barricades and into high water? I can promise you, the police and road crews didn’t just put the blockades up because they felt like inconveniencing people. Rescue has now become recovery, but they haven’t found her body or car yet. People put their lives in jeopardy to find this mindless idiot who apparently decided that the rules didn’t apply to her. Nature is sometimes quite unforgiving. Sometimes society should be the same. If you lack the common sense required for self preservation, then maybe you don’t need to be in the gene pool in the first place.

First rule of high water………..never, EVER, drive into water if you can’t see the road. Second rule, if there are barricades, go the hell somewhere else. Third, do NOT drive into any kind of water at night, you simply cannot tell how deep it might be. Just one foot of rushing water can carry off all but the largest vehicles. Don’t be a self centered dumbass, take an alternate route.

The people who drive into high water fit in the same category as people who try to race trains to the crossing or go around the crossing barriers when a train is coming.

That category would be “Dumber than a box of rocks”. Often with a sub-category of “Dead”.

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2 Responses to Stupid should hurt

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sorta like the couple that crossed into Mexico, knowing about the pirate problem, and now that her husband is dead, they want the USA to do something? I'm sorry he was murdered, however, they had no business going there especially after they were warned.

  2. You are absolutely correct. There is much more violence south of the border than what is being televised. If you walk into a war zone, don't be surprised if you wind up dead.

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