Whose in da house?

Well, it’s been an eventful day. Rained out from work so I stayed home and cleaned, nothing exciting there. Until (you just knew there would be one of those, didn’t you?)….

I heard one of the house cats spitting and hissing, and just assumed they were arguing amongst their geriatric selves yet again, most likely over who was in the sunbeam, and who wanted in the sunbeam in the dining room. The next thing I hear is an angry cat scream, something they do NOT do, evar. All three zoi vacated my bedroom at high speed with me right behind. I just KNEW that they were after the cat, there was no way that they could have resisted that noise.

I grabbed the broom and made it past Mir, who was having traction issues on the vinyl kitchen floor, but Sara and Phoenix got to the dining room before I did, and all hell broke loose. I heard a cat scream again, and Velcro (the half addled one-eyed persian), shot past me but no sign of old Minnie, she was in the thick of the dogpile. Chairs went flying, dining table over its side, me swinging at dogs, trying to get them BACK, because I was sure they were killing my cat. I mean, how could they not be ripping her limb from limb, judging from the chaos?

Except they weren’t. Minnie went by at warp speed without a mark on her, but they dogs continued to battle…..something. And I found out what that was (note, past tense). It started out as a large rat snake, it wound up as a bunch of small rat snakes, in much disrepair. You want to talk about uholy mess? Try three zoi playing tug the snake in a small dining room. Blood and various snake bits everywhere. Did you know that snake parts will stick to the wall? And ceiling? And, well, everywhere?

I have no idea how it got in, or why it got in, but it’s most certainly dead now. It only took three hours to clean up the mess, and even longer for my heart to slow back to normal.

The kitties are fine, the dogs are fine, the snake, well, not so fine. I’m just glad it was a rat snake and not a rattler. THAT would surely have ended in disaster.

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