I just knew it

Take a look at this

ZOMG! They are DANGEROUS!!!!!!11!!!

Horse crap. Sheer and utter baloney. The vans aren’t dangerous, it’s the drivers that are the problem. Almost all of these vans are being driven by people who have zero experience in handling high profile vehicles at speed, and about the same amount of experience dealing with any kind of blowout. Most of the people driving them do not use them every day, they are the “Sunday go to meeting” drivers. And they are utterly clueless.

“When loaded, their center of gravity gets higher”. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot??? Does the van grow? Does it get taller? No, it doesn’t. What happens is that the load (people) tend to shift around, and since the folks driving these things have no idea how to deal with it, you wind up with a rollover. These large vans are singled out, but they are certainly not the only high profile vehicles that people are not able to control (Ford Exploder anyone??). Take a drive through Austin (or Dallas, or Houston) during rush hour. You will see at least one urban assault vehicle turned turtle. And the reason is quite simple. The twerps driving them treat them like the little cars they are used to. Large vehicles don’t corner, stop, swerve or handle rough roads like little cars.

The vans aren’t any more dangerous than any other vehicle on the road. And just because you have a blowout, does NOT mean they should roll. If it does, it means you just had an epic fail as a driver. Dealing with blown tires on big vehicles is not rocket science……….do YOU know what to do in a blowout situation?

I will lay money that the first thing the driver in that accident did was slam on the brakes. Which is the one thing you do NOT do in a blowout situation. Ever. Unless you really are in the mood for a wild ride. How in the hell do you lose control from a rear blowout???? You don’t have to fight the steering wheel for control as you do in a front end blowout. You don’t lose it…….unless you slam on the brakes. Anybody wanna take my bet?

I ask you again. Do you know how to handle a blowout? If you don’t, maybe you should learn.

What gets me the most about this particular accident is that the blowout was on the rear. There should have been no loss of control unless the driver was completely clueless. And before you ask, yes, I have dealt with blowouts on big vehicles. Not only on my very own 15 passenger van (which has yet to turn over even once. I keep waiting to find it on it’s back in the driveway, but the oily side is still down), but in several motorhomes, my work truck (several times), ambulances, and in even larger vehicles such as 5 ton vac trucks (talk about a shifting load). And guess what……not one rolled. Hmmmm………..might be because I learned how to drive the damn things before I hit the highway. There are courses you can take that will make you much more competent in handling high profile vehicles. If you are driving a big vehicle, and you haven’t had any training, you could very well be a danger to yourself and all around you.

Remember kids, just because you can buy it does not mean you can drive it. I honestly think if you have only driven a little car, you should have to take a driving test before being allowed into anything bigger.

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  1. sounds like you have had a "close encounter of the Van Kind"

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