Oops, they did it again

Looks like ebay has decided to screw with their homepage, again. Nice, why don’t you run off the few customers you have left? You used to be the go-to place for anything someone might need, now……not so much. Just a bunch of cheap ass foreign made shit, most of the legit sellers have abandoned you for greener pastures. Either you are the largest bunch of incompetent morons to ever exist on this planet, or you just flat ass don’t give a shit.

Suits me, I am tired of fighting your crap. Your search in an impossible piece of trash, you show preference to those cheapo crap sellers listed above, and it’s a damn battle to find what you are looking for. Want your customers gone? You are doing a mighty fine job of running them off.


Oh, yeah. I just LOOVE your “contact us” shit. Nice try at hiding, but in the world of the internets, your phone number is only a search away. Asshats.

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