Yep, that’s me. In two short weeks I am headed to Louisiana to lure op for the LKC three day trial. But that’s not what I am excited about. Not that I don’t like going to the LKC trials, they always treat me great.

What I am excited about is what happens after. Deb is taking me to the French Quarter. I have NEVER been to New Orleans (yeah, I know, sheltered life), most certainly never been to the Quarter, and now I get to go with someone who lives in the area and knows where all the good stuff is. I can hardly wait! We are also going to pay a visit to the Aquarium of the Americas. You can bet I will have my camera handy. Deb says it takes most of a day to get through the aquarium……..it must be HUGE. Since fish fascinate me to no end, you can bet I am going to be very much like a kid in a candy store. Photos here when I get back. Wheeeeeeee!

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