Ick! Ick! Ick!

And YUCK as well. Sorry, but my new job is grossing me out (again).

One of my semi-regular customers had a bit of a plumbing problem that results in quite a large mess. Some of the lines are overhead in the attic, and one blew. Down came the sheetrock and insulation, and up came (some) of the carpet and padding. And it stunk, to high hell. Cat piss, and lots of it. Nasty.

Then the insurance check came in, and there was enough left over to go ahead and redo the living room floor as well. And so up came more carpet, and more padding. And, you guessed it, it stunk too. When the carpet came up, you could see hundreds of little spots where the cats had been using indoor plumbing……everywhere. The homeowner saw it too. Her response? “I used to have cats that peed in the house, but not anymore”. Orly? Then why are lots of these spots still WET???!!! Hint……..NOT water. She said she couldn’t smell anything. Must be because her sinuses have been corroded from all the cat piss ammonia.

Gross. Nasty. I feel like I need a bath in bleach. How in the hell can anyone live like that? Just nasty.

Oh, did I mention that her little dog shit in the floor while she just stood there and watched? WTF?

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