Make it STOP!

Am I the only one who has had it up to HERE with the smear campaigns going on right now? I surely wish these elections would just get over. Not one candidate is telling what they would do, what their plans are for righting this nation and putting us back on track. Instead, they are spending their money (and my time), trashing the other side, mud slinging, name smearing and backstabbing. Along with just a little (?) bit of lying. Can we just evict every last politician and start over fresh? As far as I am concerned, the encumbents are a monumental FAIL, and the candidates are just as bad. Just go the hell away and shut up, all of you.

We have our own smalltown elections going right now for county commisioner, county judge, local city council (not my town). Oddly enough, every last one of these fellows (no women running this time)……..their little ads have been polite, with clear statements of what THEY will do if elected. This I can handle. One candidate showed up at my door a few days ago, pounding the pavement for votes and talking to people. He uttered NOT ONE WORD against the other man running, not one. Maybe smalltown has better manners than the political idiots making decisions for the whole country. Or just maybe, our smalltown candidates work for a living, their hands are accustomed to doing something other than picking the pockets of those that they wish to represent. I know every last one of these guys running for the various offices, and to a man, they all have a real job (versus being pure politicians). One runs a landscape service, the other is a rancher, the other is a retired rancher, the other works for county maintenance. They have JOBS, real jobs, they are in touch with the common man, because they are one of us.

And can we please stop with the labeling as well? What about those folks who don’t fit the mold for democrat, republican, independent, tea party? I have lost a couple of friends because I refuse to claim a party alliance (some friends, huh?). A couple of those “friends” read this blog, so tell me, what label would you like to stick on me? Since I:

Support abortion. Don’t like it? Then don’t get one.

Support the death penalty. Don’t like it? Then don’t do something that would bring it upon your head.

Support hunters rights. Don’t like it? Then don’t hunt, but you damn sure will not keep me from it. I won’t make you hunt, but you won’t force your beliefs on me.

Support freedom of (or from) religion. I am glad you are christian/buddhist/muslim/whatever. I am not. Keep it to yourself, don’t preach at me.

I could care less if you are gay. Or if you are gay and want to get married. Not my business. Just don’t ask me to participate in the lifestyle, not interested.

Am bitterly against Obamacare. Monumental stupid idea.

Support personal property rights. Screw imminent domain. It’s my property, you can’t have it. Go away.

I am a big believer in personal rights, period. But, there has to be some common sense. I am tired of people who are offended over the least little thing. Time to get over yourself. The world doesn’t revolve around you (or me).

I will fight tooth and nail against invasion of privacy. Want my phone records…..get a warrrant. Backscatter machine at the airport….oh HELL no (the gooberment swore that those images wouldn’t be saved, surprise, they have already been caught with their hand in the cookie jar). And while I am at it, myob. Leave me alone.

I support gun rights, period. If you don’t like guns, then don’t own one, but get the hell away from mine. I choose to be responsible for my own safety. That does not make me paranoid…… makes me prepared. Big difference.

Get rid of the IRS. Fire every last agent. Go to a flat sales tax. That way everyone pays their fair share. No more tax shelters and hiding of income. If you buy something, a percentage goes to support the government.

And make Washington adhere to a balanced budget! No more borrowing of money, no more spending of money you don’t have. Fire about half of the idiots on the Hill, cut the pay for the rest of them. Get federal spending under control.


Now, have fun with that. See what category you can stick me in. Square peg, round hole, and all that.

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