Well, Well

Would ya just looky here:

Leaked TSA body scanner images

Yeah, the same damn images that the government SWORE would be deleted immediately. Amazing, ain’t it.

And kudos to John Tyner, were there more like him, there would be a lot less stupidity involved with flying. The new pat downs would be considered sexual assault if they took place under any other heading besides “homeland security”.

The scanners are new technology, and obviously not secure. Not to mention that they have not been around nearly long enough to study long term health effects from repeated exposure (pilots are already concerned about this).

If more people refused the virtual strip search and the sexual assault by TSA employees I can guarantee you that the shit would stop. Israel has a wonderful track record for airport security……..but we can’t use it here because it’s profiling. So instead the goverment wastes time searching children and grandmothers, cause, ya know, they blow up so many planes.

And let us not forget that Chertoff has direct financial gain from all of this crap, since he is associated with the company that makes the backscatter machines. Funny, huh?

Honestly, I won’t be flying anymore unless I just have to. It’s just not worth the privacy invasion and aggravation. Since strip searching has not caught ONE SINGLE TERRORIST, and the TSA can in no way prove that the invasion of our privacy has made us one bit safer, I think I will just spend my money elsewhere. If the airlines lose enough revenue, things will change. As long as the sheeple continue to bleat “if it keeps me safe”, nothing will change. We are protected from unlawful search by our Constitution, unfortunately the government is using it as toilet paper. And the good little sheeple just follow along, unable to think for themselves. Our nation is rapidly becoming a shadow of its’ former self. Sad.

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