Just a little news :)

Went to the TVRRCOT trial a week ago, haven’t been out in a while. Callie went along to visit, Van Geaux, Spirit, and Jack went as opens, Bo went along to run in Specials. On Saturday, Spirit held her own against the big boys for BOB, then went on to take BIF for a four point major. Her first trial, her first major, not bad at all. Van Geaux decided that Saturdays course plan did not suit him, so he made up his own. Jack ran admirably, taking second. Bo showed that she could still crack her back:

On Sunday Van Geaux decided to get his act together, taking 1st for a 3 point major to finish. He also knows how to work that back:

Spirit had a terrible fall in prelims, mainly due to the fact that Van Geaux ran over her 😦 She’s ok, but was stiff and sore. Jack splatted too, his fall was due to the feet going faster than the body.

Callie visited with everyone, foisting herself onto then at every opportunity.

She also got after those bags, showing real interest. She’s little miss social butterfly, demanding attention from everyone around her. She fell in love with Maurice Bahm, running to him every chance she got. And planting herself firmly in his lap.

I just wanted to share this picture. From left to right: Van Geaux (a Mir grandson Flagg x Phoenix), Jackson (another Mir grandson Kazan x Sara), and Cy (owned by Gary Runyan, a Mir son, Mir x Cara). Three males, side by side. Those bunnies better run fast.

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2 Responses to Just a little news :)

  1. Colleen Thiboutot says:

    Hey Sherita! that is so awesome of the doggies at the trial!!!! thanx for sharing the pictures! congrates on the majors for Spirit and finishing Van Gaux, is Van Gaux the first of that litter to finish? I haven’t been out with Baron, he has 3 majors w/10 or 11 points from last year-ColleenT

    • cindy drake says:

      Colleen, this is random, but are you possibly an old friend of mine from Washington state, Colleen Doyle?

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