Sorry folks

Life went pear shaped for a little while. I hate it when that happens.

We are pleased and excited to announce that Carol Enz of Kachina Borzoi has decided that Cuda will be bred to the exquisitely lovely Lady Hawke as soon as she comes in season. This litter should be the epitome of what a Borzoi should be. We can hardly wait!

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2 Responses to Sorry folks

  1. the Zoiboyz says:

    fingers crossed – will this be a co-bred litter?

  2. Colleen Thiboutot says:

    AWESOME match!!!! I have seen both of those dogs do what they are bred to do & I can’t wait to see those pups! Carol knows Lady Hawke has been one of my favorite borzoi from the day I saw her and her littermates as puppies @ the nationals in TX-best to you both on a very exciting litter! CT

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