It’s not dangerous…….I promise

I am beginning to wonder if I live in a town of sub-par intelligence. Yet again tonite, someone came to my back door and knocked, then left when I didn’t answer. I didn’t answer because I can’t hear them knocking. When I remodeled the back of the house, I built the walls out over 7 inches, and insulated with R19. It has wonderful sound deadening properties, and makes things like someone knocking at your door almost impossible to hear.

But……..I do have a doorbell. Right there by the door, where most doorbells are found to inhabit. It’s not a ninja doorbell, it’s right out in the open. Right by the door…… know, the door they are knocking on. Do they actually ring the doorbell? Well, no, they don’t. So, after yet another person calling to ask why I didn’t come to the door when I was obviously home, I went to work. I printed a sign in very bold type that says “Please Ring Doorbell”, with a giant ass arrow pointing to the button.

Were these people traumatized by a doorbell as a child? Are they frightened of it? Or perhaps concerned that the anti-social that lives here might have wired that sucker for 220v?

I should not have to put up a sign pointing out the obvious. Mentally deficient, I tell ya.


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