Most of you know that I live in the south. We were raised with manners, there were some things that you simply DID, just because you were taught that to do otherwise was wrong, or disrespectful.

Yesterday as I left for work after lunch I encountered a funeral procession coming from the other direction. Now, I don’t know what you do where you are from, but I was raised that you pull yourself over to the side of the road and STOP. No, you might not have known the person, but you show respect anyway. So anyways, here comes a mile long procession, lead by our local police. I immediately pull to the side of the road and park it. As does the two trucks behind me and the cars in front. Except for one asshat four vehicles back. Apparently they are FAR too important to wait, they simply MUST get around, right now. I sit and watch in my rearview mirror as this jackass goes around first one truck, then another, not slowing at all. The truck directly behind me eases their front bumper out in an attempt to get this person to pull over, but no luck. However, he did slow them down long enough for me to drop my truck into drive and angle completely out into the road. That put the brakes on for mr. so important. He was not pleased and decided that I needed honking at. Sorry, can’t hear ya. Of course, that’s when I noticed the out of state (northern state) plates. Do you people not have manners, or was it just this one asshole? Just wonderin……

Now, just maybe this fellow wasn’t raised the same way I was, but how in the hell could he have missed the fact that EVERY LAST CAR had pulled to the side of the road? Maybe he thought we were just getting out of his way, since he was obviously much more important that the rest of us. Asshat.

He did manage to get around me before the procession was past. Unfortunately for him, our other local officer was at the tail of the procession, and proceeded to pull his rude ass over.

Welcome to small town Texas. If you don’t have any manners, we will give you some.

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1 Response to Manners

  1. Karla says:

    “Unfortunately, our other local officer was at the tail of the procession, and proceeded to pull his rude ass over.”

    I think there is a typo there, didn’t you mean FORTUNATELY. 🙂

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