Where there is smoke…….

There is fire. A shitload of it. And it is EVERYWHERE. What you are seeing on the news isn’t the half of it. It looks like the whole damn world is burning. Of course, it wasn’t news until it got close to Austin, THEN it was news. Apparently the 167,000 acres that the Wildcat fire has consumed was only second page news. Right now over 1.7 million (yes, MILLION) acres have burned or are burning, with no relief in sight.

One firefighter dead, dozens of homes lost, thousands of head of livestock dead. My great state is in terrible need. Please keep us in your thoughts.

Tonite, I can smell smoke again, the moon is hazy. We have several large fires burning around us, the grass and brush are tinder dry, all it takes is one spark. Firefighting apparatus from across the nation is here helping, but humans can only do so much in the face of such an awesome force. What we need is rain, and a lot of it. Or a miracle.

I am ready to evacuate, everything is prepared. I can be gone in 15 minutes if the call comes in. I hope it doesn’t come down to that, but in light of the current circumstances, I wouldn’t be surprised.

There is some suspicion that a very sick individual is setting these fires. I hope that isn’t so, but if it is, let justice be swift.

The wind is supposed to be up again tomorrow. Just what we do not need.

Texas is in real trouble here, and it’s knocking on my door.

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