At least it’s a little cooler

We had a small rain shower move through this evening, dropped them temp down in the low seventies. Not much in the way of moisture, but it sure was nice as far as the temps go. We are actually supposed to be somewhat “cool” for the next few days. At least cool for us.

Working one handed right now. Managed to hit the end of my left thumb with my framing hammer. Took it pretty much all the way off back to the end of the nail, just some skin and a little flesh holding it on. Hurts like a sumbitch. No stitches, they don’t work there any way (been there, done that). Got it stuck back together with some tape and bandages. Going to smart for a few days. Ouch. And just to add more aggravation (as if I needed it), I have come down with some sort of upper respiratory plague. Coughing, sneezing, hacking, snotty nose. I hate it. Lots of it going around right now, but I sure could have done without catching the bug ‘o the month. Oh, and I feel like hammered catshit, but taking off work right now is NOT an option that I have. So, I just bumble through the day, thank goodness for dayquil. I just wish the coughing would let up some, and the snotty nose. Miserable.

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