Harley died today

No, she wasn’t one of mine. In fact, I’ve never seen her other than photos. But, my heart aches for her family tonite, because she is gone. She has left this earth for no other reason than she had the bad luck to have been born to a backyard breeder who only cared about the money. And when he realized his puppies were sick, he sold them at a greatly reduced cost to families. Unknowing families, who had no knowledge of backyard breeders, who have had the horrible experience of watching a puppy die of parvo. What should have been a joyous occasion filled with the learning of new things and the bonding with their new family instead turned into a nightmare of pain, and sadness, and loss. What’s that? Just a dog, you say? Read the following letter, and then tell me that Harley was “just a dog”

Hello kens5,

I don’t know if there’s a story here, but I am so freaking angry, and incredibly sad.

If you’d have asked me on Thursday morning what parvovirus was I couldn’t tell you. I knew all about it by Thursday evening though.

Wednesday evening I drove into town to a “breeder’s” home to buy a Doberman pinscher puppy. Mark had four of them from an unintentional pregnancy that he was looking to sell in a hurry at nine weeks old. I want interested in breeding or even AKC, but I had been looking for a Doberman puppy for quite some time.

The signs were there, but I didn’t know enough about the unscrupulous habits of these backyard breeders. I wish I had known.

I got Harley home late Wednesday evening. She was lethargic, thought it had something to do with her being a puppy. She ate a little that night. Even less Thursday. Friday at the vet we learned Harley had parvo.

The last three days has been constant attention to my little puppy who would constantly look into my eyes with an unspoken question, or a silent plea. She would only settle down in my arms or if I was resting my hand on her little skeletal body. Otherwise she would lie down, get up and move about, to settle down, and then up again.

Last night I spent the entire night lying on my back, with one hand on her tiny chest to calm her. She was so weak that she wouldn’t move as I cleaned her soiled pads, and this morning (Sunday) as my wife stood over me while I replaced her soiled pads, she took her final breaths.

I couldn’t even complete a call to my daughter (a vet tech here in SA) to let her know.

I’m not angry that Harley had parvo, it’s a virus that we can only hope never to see. What infuriates me is that Mark, when he realized that his litter was sick, sold them off to unknowing families. He assured me that she was healthy and on top of all of her shots. Mark assured me that he would be available night and day should I have any questions or need any information concerning the health and treatment of the dogs while under his care.

He has been totally unresponsive to any of my calls, messages, or texts.

I fully plan on calling animal control on Monday and lodging a formal complaint. But what I would like to ensure is that no one else suffers as my wife and I did when Harley took her last breath. It’s hard to believe how attached we got to her over just a few days… What, 88-89 hours?

Mark’s number is,
1 (210) 542-9985

his address is,
818 sw 40th street 78237 (it’s a run down green little house on a long rectangular lot.

You probably get a lot of letters like this, but it felt good to get it off my chest, and if you do decide to follow up on this I can be reached at *********. My name is Allan, and I am stationed at fort Sam.

Thank you for your time,

Sent from my iPhone

Yes, I put the backyard breeders phone number and address out there for everyone to see. If he’s man enough to knowingly sell sick puppies to unsuspecting families, then he shouldn’t be the least bit bothered that folks now know who he is.

And Mark, should you read this, I hope you CHOKE on the money you took from these folks. And I hope little Harley haunts your dreams at night. There are words to describe how I feel about you, but to you they probably sound like praise. You are a disgusting waste of oxygen.

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