My two Greeks

The puppies have been leaving for their new homes, but two will be staying here. I’m keeping this chunky little fellow.

Rose Hill Dionysus “Ditto”


And this lovely little girl

Rose Hill Nyx “Nyxie”


It seems rather depopulated around here now that most of the kids have moved on to their new homes. With only four puppies it is *almost* manageable, LOL. They are still plenty busy enough to keep me hopping most days. They are busy learning about walking on a leash (nope, not gonna do it), trips to the vet (nope, not gonna do that either), riding in a car (meh, whatever), and playing, which is what they are all about. I’m seeing a good bit of prey drive in most of the puppies, so I’ve got high hopes there 🙂 There are only two puppies left looking for forever homes. “Trio”, who is a black and brindle spotted on white for a show or companion home, and “Minnie” who is a red brindle spotted on white, available ONLY to a show/coursing/agility home. Feel free to email me if you are interested.

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