Circular argument

I currently have a pretty good size remodel going in Tinytown, just south of where I live. Actually, its a complete gut and remodel, nothing but studs and exterior walls were left (and some of them got re-sided). The leveling and framing are done, new windows installed and new doors. We are now ready for mechanical……..and here’s where the problem starts.

We need new plumbing (me), new HVAC (local cold air dude), wiring (magic electrician guy) and insulation (those who deal with itch). The a/c guy doesn’t want to install the air handler until the insulation is in, but the electrician can’t rewire if the insulation is in, and won’t rewire until the a/c is in. Do you see the problem here?

No a/c without insulation, no insulation before wiring, no wiring with insulation installed.

We are going in a circle here, and the inmates are running the asylum. This will STOP on Monday. The a/c IS going to get set without insulation, so that we can get our wiring in place, then get our insulation in. Of course, before any of these happen, I have to get the vents stacked and penetrated through the roof (which will also happen before insulation). I have a feeling that someone is going to get upset with me Monday. I don’t care, I’m the GC on the job. I’m not trying to make friends, I am trying to get this house done.

One other thing, the homeowners need to get the hell away from the home improvement channel. We are not building a NEW house, we are remodeling a house that is 125 years old. Please get out from under my feet and let me do my job.

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At least it’s a little cooler

We had a small rain shower move through this evening, dropped them temp down in the low seventies. Not much in the way of moisture, but it sure was nice as far as the temps go. We are actually supposed to be somewhat “cool” for the next few days. At least cool for us.

Working one handed right now. Managed to hit the end of my left thumb with my framing hammer. Took it pretty much all the way off back to the end of the nail, just some skin and a little flesh holding it on. Hurts like a sumbitch. No stitches, they don’t work there any way (been there, done that). Got it stuck back together with some tape and bandages. Going to smart for a few days. Ouch. And just to add more aggravation (as if I needed it), I have come down with some sort of upper respiratory plague. Coughing, sneezing, hacking, snotty nose. I hate it. Lots of it going around right now, but I sure could have done without catching the bug ‘o the month. Oh, and I feel like hammered catshit, but taking off work right now is NOT an option that I have. So, I just bumble through the day, thank goodness for dayquil. I just wish the coughing would let up some, and the snotty nose. Miserable.

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Upcoming plans

Things have finally finalized here. Breeding plans have changed a bit, but not in a bad way.

The handsome and functional Cheyenne (CH Kachina – Valeska Dream Dancer SC, open field pointed) will be bred to our lovely girl BeBe (Rose Hill See Mee Glide). BeBe sees no reason to chase plastic bags, but is most certainly more than functional in the open field on both small and large game. Cheyenne has also proven himself to be quite adept on game. Both dogs are sound and durable, possessing stellar, stable temperaments and exceptional structure. Both dogs are DM clear, and have had their health clearances. This litter is being cobred by Rose Hill Borzoi and Kachina Borzoi of New Mexico. This litter already has an extensive waiting list. For further information, contact myself (EMAIL) or Carol Enz (EMAIL). BeBe is expected to come in season within the next six weeks.


In the early part of next year, Sonnet (Avalon Victorian Lace SC FCH) will be bred to our superior open field dog, Van Geaux (BIF FC Rose Hill Classic Photo SC, open field pointed). Both dogs have proven to be quite lethal on small and large game, possessing courage and stamina. Both Van Geaux and Sonnet have exemplary temperaments and very sound structure. Both have tested clear for DM. Sonnet has had eye and heart clearances. Van Geaux will have his CERF testing done before the breeding takes place, he is cardiac normal. Sonnet is expected in season in February 2012, we are now accepting requests to be placed on the waiting list. This litter will be cobred by Rose Hill Borzoi and Belle Rose Kennel of California. For more information, please contact either myself (EMAIL) or Liz Ciaccio (EMAIL).


Also in the early part of next year the spectacularly talented Cuda (MBIF FC Rose Hill Barracuda SC FCH, open field pointed) will be bred to the breathtakingly lovely Lady Hawke (Kachina-Valeska Rainbow Dancer SC CM). Both of these hounds have proven themselves time and again on live game, and Cuda was a force to reckon with on the lure coursing field, with 8 Best In Field wins before he was retired due to a hunting injury. Both of these dogs have superior structure and conformation, with sound, solid running gear, as well as lovely temperaments that are well suited for the work they do. This litter is cobred by Rose Hill Borzoi and Kachina Borzoi in NM. At this time we do not expect to have any puppies available from this litter, but please feel free to contact us in case this changes. For further information, please contact either myself (EMAIL), or Carol Enz (EMAIL).

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We are seeing temps of over 100 degrees every day. This is NOT normal for us, at least not in June. August, yes, June, no. I dread what the rest of the summer holds.

I spent last week roofing in the 100 degree heat. I think my brain is fried.

And here we go again with the fires. Folks, please be careful, it takes almost nothing at all to set one off. Abilene had a big one today, in the city limits. Haven’t heard reports on how many homes were lost yet. The one thing I would really hate to see is another monster fire like the one that hit Texas in 2006. Estimates put that bad boy at over a million acres burned. As of right now, for this year alone, over 1.7 million acres have burned. I think you could sneeze right now and start a fire. It’s just THAT dry.

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Um, Wow.

I was bored tonite and just cruising around the Netflix site to see if anything caught my eye when I ran across the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Now, it’s been YEARS since I had seen it. Yeah, before you ask, I was one of the nuts who dressed the part and hit the midnight showing, acting out the scenes and shouting at the screen.

I thought “why not”? And it turns out….

I STILL know all the words after nearly 20 years. Just what does that say about me?

Nevermind, don’t answer that.

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Where there is smoke…….

There is fire. A shitload of it. And it is EVERYWHERE. What you are seeing on the news isn’t the half of it. It looks like the whole damn world is burning. Of course, it wasn’t news until it got close to Austin, THEN it was news. Apparently the 167,000 acres that the Wildcat fire has consumed was only second page news. Right now over 1.7 million (yes, MILLION) acres have burned or are burning, with no relief in sight.

One firefighter dead, dozens of homes lost, thousands of head of livestock dead. My great state is in terrible need. Please keep us in your thoughts.

Tonite, I can smell smoke again, the moon is hazy. We have several large fires burning around us, the grass and brush are tinder dry, all it takes is one spark. Firefighting apparatus from across the nation is here helping, but humans can only do so much in the face of such an awesome force. What we need is rain, and a lot of it. Or a miracle.

I am ready to evacuate, everything is prepared. I can be gone in 15 minutes if the call comes in. I hope it doesn’t come down to that, but in light of the current circumstances, I wouldn’t be surprised.

There is some suspicion that a very sick individual is setting these fires. I hope that isn’t so, but if it is, let justice be swift.

The wind is supposed to be up again tomorrow. Just what we do not need.

Texas is in real trouble here, and it’s knocking on my door.

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It’s raining. We have been in a terrible drought.
It’s coming down in buckets, with lots of wind and a pretty good light show. We are under severe thunderstorm warnings for the rest of the night.

Bring it.

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Forever in my heart

In the early morning hours of February 27, I made a heartbreaking drive. The final drive, just one more time, for Mir and I. His kidneys had failed, nothing was helping, his body was failing. He looked at me and asked for release, and with my heart breaking, I gave it to him. I was with him most of his life, and I was with him at the end. And I would have it no other way. This is the price we must pay for loving them, and we have to love them enough to let them go. The pain will fade with time, but never will the memories fade. Never.

His list of accomplishments was long, but that’s not what was important. He was my friend. My heart dog. We travelled many miles together, it always gave me a thrill to see him run, chasing with wild abandon, sheer joy on his face. When the time for chasing was done, he settled into retirement gracefully, enjoying his time on the couch. What I wouldn’t have given for 10 more years.

He now hunts in fields where I cannot follow. Amber and Annie by his side. May there be a jackrabbit behind every bush and a coyote over every hill.

This is how I will always remember him………


DC Mielikki A Kind Of Magic SC LCM SGRC ORC

11/24/00 – 2/27/11

I love you, old man.

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The trip from hell

This last Friday I headed to points west to chase jacks. The trip out was uneventful, and took the usually six and a half hours. I had two extra dogs with me so that I could head over to Albuquerque to have OFA heart clearances done on Hemi and Cuda. Saturday was wonderful, a great time was had by all. Sunday, however, went south. I had to leave the field because I simply could NOT get my breath. I went back to the hotel, and whatever was going on steadily got worse. At 7 that night, I went to the emergency room at Eastern Regional. They took wonderful care of me, moving very quickly to ease my breathing and figure out wtf was going on. I got out near midnight. The situation was much more dangerous than what I am writing here, as I really don’t want to rehash the most terrifying experience I have had to date. The doctor did tell me that had I waited a couple more hours, the cleaning staff would have found my body the next morning.

After a somewhat decent nights sleep, I got up and headed to ABQ, still having some difficulty breathing, but I had been told to expect this for several more days. Made it to the specialty center, got the OFA testing on both boys. OFA cardiac clear by ultrasound and color doppler. The paperwork will go out tomorrow to OFFA.

Then, it went to hell in a neatly woven basket. By the time I got out of ABQ, it had started to snow. Not bad, but not too good considering the massive storm coming in. Fred the GPS wanted me to go to Lubbock, but I instead pointed the white box towards Roswell. Leaving Roswell, I hit heavier show, blowing sideways, with huge gusts. I figured that once I turned south at Brownfield, I would have an easy time of it. I could not have been more wrong. 20 miles south of Brownfield the road conditions went from “kinda nasty” to “oh shit”. The snow got much heavier, visibility started dropping, and my defroster started losing the battle. The further south I went, the worse it got, until about 20 miles north of Snyder, visibility dropped to zero. Whiteout. I went to the left lane and used the concrete barricade as my driving guide,  hoping that I wouldn’t smack into anyone in front of me. And I crept slowly towards what I hoped was salvation on I20. Stopping simply wasn’t an option, because I could not see…..not the road in front of me, not the road signs, not the exits. Nothing.

I20 was no better. 8″ of wet snow on the highway, whiteout conditions, so I hugged the barricade again and trusted that my GPS would let me know when my exit was coming so that I could bail off, IF I could find the actual ramp. Top speed: 5 mph, hazzards blinking like mad (white van, whiteout conditions…bad). I did get off the highway, but not before seeing a tragedy. As I crawled along I saw headlights behind me, then pass me. A car, eastbound, in the westbound lanes, totally disoriented in the snow. I called Highway Patrol, but they didn’t catch him soon enough. As I crested a small hill, I saw the devastation. Head on into an 18 wheeler, flashing lights everywhere, but nobody moving quickly meant that someone wasn’t going home that night. Horrible.

I made my decision right then that I would rather take my chances on virgin snow on the backroads rather than stay on the higway. So I bailed off at my exit, cleaned the windshield (again), and took off on the backroads. I stayed in what I thought was the middle of the road, and while the going was slow, it wasn’t particularly treacherous…until I hit Wingate, Texas. The roads then went from somewhat passable snow, to extremely dangerous sheet ice covered with sleet. Did I mention that it started snowing again? I skated/slid/drifted that last 65 miles home, never going more than 15mph.

The entire trip home usually takes me 6 1/2 hours. Yesterday…….13 hours. And I will never again speak ill of the giant white box on wheels. My trusty steed handled conditions that it was never designed for, yet it got me home, in one piece, with no unplanned stops in ditches. Something that I cannot say for the multitude of little cars, full size trucks, suv’s and 18wheelers. The wreckers will be busy for quite a while. Had I been in the AstroSkate, I would have never made it, and most likely would have been a statistic. I can’t say that I didn’t slide in the big white box, but with the wide stance and long wheelbase, everything happens in slow motion, giving me plenty of time to straighten it out and get the rear back behind the front.

I will tell you this. I do NOT EVER want to have to deal with that kind of shit again. Particularly under those circumstances.


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Public Service Announcement

Gentle readers, may I have your attention please……

It has come to my attention (again), that some of you are confused as to the function of the toilet that resides in your bathroom. Allow me to clear things up for you.

There are three things that belong in your toilet:

Something you ate

Something you drank

Toilet paper

Only those three things. Not things like:

adult or baby wipes (I don’t care if they say they are flushable-THEY DAMN SURE ARE NOT).


tampons or maxi/mini pads



remote controls



green army men



old food

jewelry (why do you always call ME to get it out?)



pill bottles

sheets (how in the HELL did you flush that?)

cat litter (nope, not flushable, don’t care what they say)

cooking oil/grease (this really gums up the works)

papers of any kind besides the above mentioned toilet paper


other things I have forgotten about

Yes, every last one of those items have been encountered in my quest to transform a blocked toilet into a turd-be-gone. Some were flushed by children, a determined three year old can flush some truly amazing things. Others, obviously flushed by adults….condoms, feminine hygiene products, diapers, adult/baby wipes. Those damned wipes are the bane of sewage systems everywhere. No matter how many times I tell people, they have the nerve to act surprised when their toilet is blocked yet again by a seething mass of adult wipes mixed with raw sewage. I don’t give a flying shit if the box says they can be flushed. They may go down, but they do NOT go away. At some point you will need the services of someone like me to get them out of the line, you just better hope I can do it without actually dismantling things. So, repeat after me:

If I didn’t eat it or drink it, and it’s not toilet paper…..I WILL NOT FLUSH IT.

Thank you for your time.

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