Ok, who programs the dictionary in these “smart phones”. There are words in there that don’t belong, and I know I didn’t put them there. Just screw up one letter, and you get something you didn’t intend, at all. And if you don’t catch it……things can get interesting. It insists that “moron” is moribund, and changes “trailer” to virgin (WTF?). And don’t EVER text Puss n Boots to ANYONE. That’s not what your phone will say. Yes, this did happen to me. Autocorrect hell.

And never, ever, use speech recognition and predictive text at the same time. It won’t turn out well, I can promise you that. You might even wind up propositioning someone, and it will be someone you have no wish to proposition. That conversation won’t go quite right, and you will never live it down.

I swear, my phone is a pervert. Always read your texts before hitting send. It’s easier than explaining later.

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Currently stuck in Walmart hell trying to pick up my prescriptions. I might be easier. It’s a damn good thing I’m not actually sick. I would be long dead before I got my meds. And to make it worse, they are playing Chipmunks Xmas songs. Please just shoot me now.

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Facebook stupidity

For those of you who knew I was on FB, I ain’t there no more. The morons in charge decided to stick me with one of their beta tests. I could no longer choose to view top stories or get rid of crap I didn’t want to see. My account has been deactivated, and I’m done.

From the looks of the message boards, plenty of other folks are bailing too. FB is doing the same stupid shit that sank Myspace. If you don’t listen to your users, they tend to leave. I have better things to do with my time than look at what THEY want me to look at. I only used it to keep up with what my friends were doing, and since I can’t do that, what use do I have for it? Answer: NONE.

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Circular argument

I currently have a pretty good size remodel going in Tinytown, just south of where I live. Actually, its a complete gut and remodel, nothing but studs and exterior walls were left (and some of them got re-sided). The leveling and framing are done, new windows installed and new doors. We are now ready for mechanical……..and here’s where the problem starts.

We need new plumbing (me), new HVAC (local cold air dude), wiring (magic electrician guy) and insulation (those who deal with itch). The a/c guy doesn’t want to install the air handler until the insulation is in, but the electrician can’t rewire if the insulation is in, and won’t rewire until the a/c is in. Do you see the problem here?

No a/c without insulation, no insulation before wiring, no wiring with insulation installed.

We are going in a circle here, and the inmates are running the asylum. This will STOP on Monday. The a/c IS going to get set without insulation, so that we can get our wiring in place, then get our insulation in. Of course, before any of these happen, I have to get the vents stacked and penetrated through the roof (which will also happen before insulation). I have a feeling that someone is going to get upset with me Monday. I don’t care, I’m the GC on the job. I’m not trying to make friends, I am trying to get this house done.

One other thing, the homeowners need to get the hell away from the home improvement channel. We are not building a NEW house, we are remodeling a house that is 125 years old. Please get out from under my feet and let me do my job.

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At least it’s a little cooler

We had a small rain shower move through this evening, dropped them temp down in the low seventies. Not much in the way of moisture, but it sure was nice as far as the temps go. We are actually supposed to be somewhat “cool” for the next few days. At least cool for us.

Working one handed right now. Managed to hit the end of my left thumb with my framing hammer. Took it pretty much all the way off back to the end of the nail, just some skin and a little flesh holding it on. Hurts like a sumbitch. No stitches, they don’t work there any way (been there, done that). Got it stuck back together with some tape and bandages. Going to smart for a few days. Ouch. And just to add more aggravation (as if I needed it), I have come down with some sort of upper respiratory plague. Coughing, sneezing, hacking, snotty nose. I hate it. Lots of it going around right now, but I sure could have done without catching the bug ‘o the month. Oh, and I feel like hammered catshit, but taking off work right now is NOT an option that I have. So, I just bumble through the day, thank goodness for dayquil. I just wish the coughing would let up some, and the snotty nose. Miserable.

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Upcoming plans

Things have finally finalized here. Breeding plans have changed a bit, but not in a bad way.

The handsome and functional Cheyenne (CH Kachina – Valeska Dream Dancer SC, open field pointed) will be bred to our lovely girl BeBe (Rose Hill See Mee Glide). BeBe sees no reason to chase plastic bags, but is most certainly more than functional in the open field on both small and large game. Cheyenne has also proven himself to be quite adept on game. Both dogs are sound and durable, possessing stellar, stable temperaments and exceptional structure. Both dogs are DM clear, and have had their health clearances. This litter is being cobred by Rose Hill Borzoi and Kachina Borzoi of New Mexico. This litter already has an extensive waiting list. For further information, contact myself (EMAIL) or Carol Enz (EMAIL). BeBe is expected to come in season within the next six weeks.


In the early part of next year, Sonnet (Avalon Victorian Lace SC FCH) will be bred to our superior open field dog, Van Geaux (BIF FC Rose Hill Classic Photo SC, open field pointed). Both dogs have proven to be quite lethal on small and large game, possessing courage and stamina. Both Van Geaux and Sonnet have exemplary temperaments and very sound structure. Both have tested clear for DM. Sonnet has had eye and heart clearances. Van Geaux will have his CERF testing done before the breeding takes place, he is cardiac normal. Sonnet is expected in season in February 2012, we are now accepting requests to be placed on the waiting list. This litter will be cobred by Rose Hill Borzoi and Belle Rose Kennel of California. For more information, please contact either myself (EMAIL) or Liz Ciaccio (EMAIL).


Also in the early part of next year the spectacularly talented Cuda (MBIF FC Rose Hill Barracuda SC FCH, open field pointed) will be bred to the breathtakingly lovely Lady Hawke (Kachina-Valeska Rainbow Dancer SC CM). Both of these hounds have proven themselves time and again on live game, and Cuda was a force to reckon with on the lure coursing field, with 8 Best In Field wins before he was retired due to a hunting injury. Both of these dogs have superior structure and conformation, with sound, solid running gear, as well as lovely temperaments that are well suited for the work they do. This litter is cobred by Rose Hill Borzoi and Kachina Borzoi in NM. At this time we do not expect to have any puppies available from this litter, but please feel free to contact us in case this changes. For further information, please contact either myself (EMAIL), or Carol Enz (EMAIL).

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We are seeing temps of over 100 degrees every day. This is NOT normal for us, at least not in June. August, yes, June, no. I dread what the rest of the summer holds.

I spent last week roofing in the 100 degree heat. I think my brain is fried.

And here we go again with the fires. Folks, please be careful, it takes almost nothing at all to set one off. Abilene had a big one today, in the city limits. Haven’t heard reports on how many homes were lost yet. The one thing I would really hate to see is another monster fire like the one that hit Texas in 2006. Estimates put that bad boy at over a million acres burned. As of right now, for this year alone, over 1.7 million acres have burned. I think you could sneeze right now and start a fire. It’s just THAT dry.

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