Circular argument

I currently have a pretty good size remodel going in Tinytown, just south of where I live. Actually, its a complete gut and remodel, nothing but studs and exterior walls were left (and some of them got re-sided). The leveling and framing are done, new windows installed and new doors. We are now ready for mechanical……..and here’s where the problem starts.

We need new plumbing (me), new HVAC (local cold air dude), wiring (magic electrician guy) and insulation (those who deal with itch). The a/c guy doesn’t want to install the air handler until the insulation is in, but the electrician can’t rewire if the insulation is in, and won’t rewire until the a/c is in. Do you see the problem here?

No a/c without insulation, no insulation before wiring, no wiring with insulation installed.

We are going in a circle here, and the inmates are running the asylum. This will STOP on Monday. The a/c IS going to get set without insulation, so that we can get our wiring in place, then get our insulation in. Of course, before any of these happen, I have to get the vents stacked and penetrated through the roof (which will also happen before insulation). I have a feeling that someone is going to get upset with me Monday. I don’t care, I’m the GC on the job. I’m not trying to make friends, I am trying to get this house done.

One other thing, the homeowners need to get the hell away from the home improvement channel. We are not building a NEW house, we are remodeling a house that is 125 years old. Please get out from under my feet and let me do my job.

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1 Response to Circular argument

  1. catdogs says:

    Hi from Sweden!
    There seems to be the same problems with a house renovation.
    Whether you live in Texas or Sweden!
    The same kind of TV programs, we must suffer too.
    We also live in an old house, but “only” 100 years old!
    With a Afghan Hound, Italian Greyhound and several cats!

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